MDG Contracting provide a range of experience and services including all aspects of bulk and detailed earthworks for small and large projects, both civil and infrastructure based.


MDG Contracting provides significant assistance to construction companies both large and small.

This includes:

  • Bulk Earthworks;
  • Pad preparation;
  • Trenching for footings, service and drainage; and
  • Provision and placement of bulk aggregates


The construction of a landfill cell liner is a project that requires a high level of quality control, on top of the environmental and engineering controls that provides the client with a lined landfill cell that complies with all the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) regulations.

We have successfully worked with the client, liaison with EPA officers and engineers that delivered a 2.0 ha lined landfill cell that will allow the client another five years of waste placement.

The use of onsite clay and placement / compaction techniques has allowed for permeability testing quality compliance to be achieved.


At MDG Contracting we have the proven ability to develop high quality residential and industrial land development projects including;

  • site selection;
  • approvals;
  • design;
  • construction of all infrastructure and buildings;
  • marketing; and
  • sales.

MDG Contracting has completed significant subdivision projects including:

37 Lot Subdivision development to the satisfaction of the Latrobe Council.  This project included 1,050 metres of sealed road, underground water main, underground power and telecommunications and stormwater drainage.