Landfill Operations


In February 2011 MDG Contracting was requested to undertake the management and operation of the Dulverton Regional Waste Management Facility, located between Latrobe and Railton on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

This facility includes a regional landfill, accepting 45,000 tonnes per annum of municipal, commercial / industrial and construction / demolition material. 

In November 2011 MDG Contracting was successfully awarded the contract for a fifteen year term.

  • Development and awareness of the Environmental Management System (EMS ISO 14001), Environment Protection Notice Licence and other requirements of the site;
  • Establishment of a strong skilled crew with a positive and constructive culture for the site and it’s customers;
  • Developed efficient placement techniques and filling plan;
  • Improved access and safety on site;
  • Completed capital works within the core operation and maintenance roles;
  • Improved stormwater management;
  • Improved leachate management;
  • Improved litter control.

During this period MDG has helped to improve contractor/principle communication and the overall relationship.  MDG has also had feedback from Dulverton’s largest customer Veolia about the high level of customer service MDG is now providing on site. 

Veolia’s Manager of Waste Services Northern Tasmania, Peter George, recently provided the following written testimonial to MDG’s service on site:

Greatly improved access to tipping site
Better stability of tipping area and well maintained.
Better communication between our operators and your employees
Greater willingness to help out with after hours access

All in all since your company has been managing the landfill it has been a pleasure to deal with you and please feel free to include us as a reference.