Organics Facility Operations


In February 2011 MDG Contracting was requested to undertake the management and operation of the Dulverton Regional Waste Management Facility, located between Latrobe and Railton on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

This facility includes a regional organics recycling facility (open windrow composting), accepting 30,000 tonnes per annum of commercial / industrial bulk organics and mulched green waste.

In November 2011 MDG Contracting was successfully awarded the contract for a fifteen year term.

MDG had a significant role in revolutionising the process, efficiency and quality of the composting operation.  MDG initiated the change through research and site visits in NSW and Queensland.  This change has been centered around:

  • Research and site visits of operations around Australia for efficiencies;
  • Researching of the screening options and techniques include different products;
  • Trialling and introduction of a screen option that has dramatically improved the quality of the compost;
    • Introduction of other products to complement the standard “premium” compost;
    • Reduction from 50% to 20% of oversize material through the screening process;
    • 15-50mm product has the capacity to substitute green waste and speeding up compost process;
    • Substituting what was going to landfill (15-50mm) for green waste;
    • Improving the drainage of the site, reducing the footprint of the operation by 1/3, allowing significant reduction in leachate generation.